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Our EU values has been the seed to transform an idea and a dream proposed 20 years ago into a real bottom-up movement lead by the Global StartupCities initiative. We are very proud that Commissioner Gabriel, as our Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador, officially launched the historic bottom-up #EiA - European innovation Area on November 25, 2020 at 1st Global StartupCities Summit. Moreover, the bottom-up #EiA is leading the long-term vision for rural areas with the Global-EU Campaign for RUral5.0 vision, published on September 9, officially launched by Vice-President Šuica on November 25, 2020 as well.


The Global StartupCities initiative is the innovator behind the pioneer bottom-up #EiA - European innovation Area coordinated by the Founder Arturo Villar. Moreover, the Global StartupCities initiative is the entrepreneur proposing the top 10 actions and their specific group of activities which have started on 01/01/2021. All the activities are listed in the points of our four priorities: Market, Young, Women, and Talent.

The bottom-up #EiA is a geo-economic movement to support global-EU entrepreneurs and innovators with the largest public-private Global-EU Consortium* & Innovation Agenda impulse by LOCAL innovation ecosystemS from among others: cities, villages, and remote areas.

*We are proposing a new type of Global-EU Consortium which is not a legal framework for a funding project or a tender, it is just a committed group of stakeholders, as a big TEAM, supporting specific annual global-EU activities.

The bottom-up #EiA is open to world with innovations above TRL6 lead by entrepreneurs & innovators with special focus on: innovations outside big hubs, young, women, talent, and Widening countries.

Every year, it will be nominated* around 400 to 500 new top entrepreneurs & innovators to join the bottom-up #EiA for interconnecting new economic opportunities, and to create the same opportunities to all of them wherever they are. To sum up, the bottom-up #EiA is ONE umbrella for our nominated top entrepreneurs & innovators from all over the world.

*For the next waves of nominees, we have decided to nominate every year around 400 to 500 new top entrepreneurs & innovators based on many important imbalances (acceleration of any type of innovation: deep-tech or not, gender balance, international scalability, huge gap between countries with many national innovation programs, etc.) that we found very difficult to nominate more top entrepreneurs & innovators in "Our 1st Storytelling 2020" to have the same opportunities wherever our top entrepreneurs & innovators are. At least, for the case of Europe, European Commission is leading the co-creation with key stakeholders from different EU ecosystems in order to have a policy approach for a coherent top-down European Innovation Area in the coming years with the pioneer bottom-up #EiA as one of its pillars.