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These are the four actions and the group of activities impacting the market:


1. The Market. Open to the world with the global-EU innovation map based on a combined and diversed group of LOCAL ecosystemS flagships (StartupCities) lead by the top startups & SMEs:

1.1 Top 10 entrepreneurs & innovators.

1.2 Strategic ecosystems pilots.

1.3 Global iAreas. AgriFood, Climate, Game, Health, Mobility.

2. Global-EU innovation market lead by young entrepreneurs.

2.1 Global-EU Innovation Market Platform (find, involve, matchmaking, market expansion).

3. Climate change and health innovations lead by women innovators.

3.1 Top 10 entrepreneurs & innovators.

4. Agile demand of training courses for global-EU startups & SMEs.

4.1 Flash Training.