Our Heart & Priorities

Our heart has two colours and innovative concepts in our map:

- the yellow star to spread the EU values that represent the global-EU StartupCities with one ecosystem flagship per city and to interconnect their flagships in different strategic hubs (StartupCity concept). Each StartupCity is divided in 5 levels depending on their growing to be a StartupCity (current list of our StartupCities):

  • Level -1. Our top entrepreneurs & innovators.
  • Level 0. Ecosystem flagship.
  • Level 1. Ecosystem leadership.
  • Level 2. Basic: new economic model & business leadership.
  • Level 3. StartupCity = new innovation ecosystem (mature: new economic model & business leadership).

- the green-yellow star to boost the green deal with the global-EU StartupVillages, where one StartupVillage is the combination of 3 villages and/or towns, for connecting and fostering innovators and entrepreneurs in rural and/or remote areas hand-by-hand with an urban integration strategy (StartupVillage concept).


Our four priorities will have an annual milestone at #StartupCitiesSummit (it will be rotatory in each continent):

  • The Market. The global innovation ecosystemS will be led by women leaders with a pioneer role as ISOs (Innovation Strategy Officers) for each LOCAL innovation ecosystem. The aim is to accelerate connectedness of the ecosytemS flagships and their businesses between global StartupCities (#innovation: startups, SMEs).


  • The Young piece is led by Dimitar Vasilev. The aim is that the StartupVillages will be the executive tool for engaging global-EU young entrepreneurs & innovators between rural-urban areas as the game-changer.


  • The Women piece is led by Taryn Andersen. The aim is to accelerate the global-EU support of venture capital for women entrepreneurs & innovators in global StartupCities.


  • The Talent piece is led by ISOs (Innovation Strategy Officers). The aim is to activate a global map for reskilling and upskilling new jobs and demand training courses in an agile way for global StartupCities.